Complete in-house control over construction of elastomer mold tooling and fixtures used in conjunction with rubber masking products.

Machine Tool Division

The Airex Tooling Division is capable of handling a large range of machining requirements, molded parts up to approximately 40" in diameter and fixtures up to 48" in diameter.

Our moldmaker/toolmakers are proficient with the design and manufacturing of single and multi-cavity molds. They are experienced in prototype, short and long run production and the manufacturing and use of jigs, fixtures, gages and dies. 

Our toolmakers are adept in working with various materials, i.e. plastics, aluminum, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, steel, steel alloys, tool steels, and stainless.

Our expertise enables us, as required, to design our molds to accept a customer's metallic part in either a semifinished cast state or a fully machined state, allowing a superior rubber to metal hot bonded assembly.

A full complement of turning, milling and general machining equipment, both C.N.C. and manual are housed in our on-site tooling division. This state of the art equipment, combined with the expertise of our moldmakers and product design engineers, enables us to meet customer requirements. We continually strive to expand our capabilities to meet existing, as well as new customer needs.