Airex Rubber Products is committed to continuous quality improvement using a Quality Management System based on AS9100 and ISO9001.

Quality Assurance/SPC Department

Quality Control and Customer Service are the highest priorities of Airex Rubber Products. Our Quality Assurance Department has been, and remains instrumental, in our quest for excellence through the development of our AS9100 / ISO9001 certification and customer assistance programs.

Airex is AS9100 / ISO9001 registered and approved by ASR.

The Quality System used at Airex has been audited and approved by Sikorsky Aircraft (DQR), PWA Commercial and Military Products Division, Honeywell (Source Delegate), Baker Hughes Inteq (Dock to Stock), Continental (Automotive), Internet Government Inspection. 

The Quality Assurance Division is responsible not only for Quality Control, but also for all SPC, Continuous Improvement and Customer Service programs, results, statistical calculations and reports. The QA Department will provide an uncontrolled copy of the Airex Rubber Products Quality Manual to our customers upon request.