Airex Rubber Products can assist you with creative, cost effective designs, tooling, and aid in their implementations.

Product Design and Engineering

Look for Airex Rubber Products to solve your product design and engineering requirements.

As a leader of customer design and engineered rubber products, Airex product engineers can assist you in evaluating your product requirements, create cost effective designs and identify materials suitable for required applications. Dedications to Quality, Customer Satisfaction and usage of state of the art technologies are our first priorities, resulting in the development of products to exacting standards.

Our diverse customer base of aerospace, medical, automotive, petroleum and military application has provided a broad degree of product knowledge and design standard compatibility. Complete design and manufacture packages are a direct result of this knowledge and the ability to access the expertise of an entire in-house team of professionals. 

  • Example: A process engineer requires a high performance elastomer and related fixturing to perform in various surface treatment applications.

Airex engineers design, prototype and provide the technical assistance for successful implementation.

Airex can provide a cost estimate for Design and Manufacture to your requirements. A budgetary quote can be provided to establish development cost and conceptual design. Please call to discuss specific requirements and to determine associated required reference material.

  • Example of a typical budgetary Design and Make Proposal: After receipt of customer supplied reference material re: product drawings, specifications or associated product, the design and engineering staff will evaluate, design and provide a budgetary proposal using current drafting methods on our latest CAD Systems.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Tushar Shah, President.