About Airex Rubber

Airex Rubber Products Corporation was incorporated in 1943 on the shores of The Connecticut River In Portland, CT.  Its main customer at the time was The Piper Cub Corporation, which bought shock cord and shock rings from Airex to be used in landing gear on its small prop airplanes.  (Shock cord and shock rings are similar to what are known as “bungee cords” today: bunches of small rubber strands with outer coatings of braided thread.)

From there, Airex’s operations widened to producing seals and plugs for the local solenoid valve companies.  The customer base expanded to providing  rubber masks made out of a variety of different elastomeric polymers to stand up to abrasive blasting and thermal coating procedures for the aerospace industry.

Airex Rubber Products is a full service design and manufacturing facility servicing customers around the globe in a myriad of different fields, including Aircraft, Aerospace, Helicopter, Military & Defense, Medical Orthopedic Implants, Oil Exploration, Rubber Masking, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Solenoid and Control, Commercial, Pump and valve industries with an expertise in design work, rubber-to-metal bonding, and precision molding of rubber parts.

Our Certifications

  • ITAR Registration
    All manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles, defense services, or related technical data, as defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR), are required to register with DDTC. Registration is primarily a means to provide the U.S. Government with necessary information on who is involved in certain manufacturing and exporting activities. Registration does not confer any export rights or privileges, but is a precondition for the issuance of any license or other approval for export. Changes in designations will be published in the Federal Register. It will be your responsibility to maintain all of the latest information.

  • AS9100 Certified

    AS9100 is a company level certification based on a standard published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) titled “Quality Management System – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations”

    AS9100C has now been replaced by AS9100D. The AS9100 standard includes ISO 9001:2015 requirements with additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry; organizations will be evaluated against this standard to become AS9100 certified.

    This certification is for organizations doing business in the aerospace industry. The standard is based on organizational processes and emphasizes the need to satisfy internal, customer, governmental and regulatory requirements. Risk, Product Safety and Counterfeit Parts Prevention was also added as a requirement.

 Some of our clients include: